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The Jail Bird male chastity device is our most popular design. The stainless steel bars are very rigid which means they will not bend nor pinch. This device combines comfort, security, and great looks. Another perk to the Jail Bird is that it has a very low profile that is easy to hide under clothing. The open design makes it easy to clean without removing the cage which makes it possible to wear the device indefinitely. Great for Internet or long distance relationships.

The Punishment Pins and security screw options are available for this item.


Item is constructed of 316 surgical stainless steel using 1/4″ and 1/8″ round bar.

Base ring is constructed on 1/4″ round bar.

All parts are handmade and can be built to any size.

Light Weight 5 OZ.(For average size)

Optional Punishment Pins accessory

The system is easy to use simply put on the base ring slip on the chastity and begin to engaged the locking post and ring. Insert the anti-pull out pin into top hole and lock into place with the base ring. It is that easy!

This system comes with three pins. You choose from the nine available. Extra pins can be purchased for $10.00 each, please contact us for details.  

Options (choose any combination of three):

Small, medium, and/or large blunt.

Small, medium, and/or large criss-cross pattern cut into the end of the pin (warning – the criss cross pins may cause small abrasions from extended use).

Small, medium, and/or large Spike. (Spikes will cause intense pain upon erection.)

Please note, the Punishment Pins option is only available on the following devices with the MINIMUM sizes below:

inside diameter  1  1/4   

length  1  3/4 or larger

Note: this product cannot be shipped to Germany.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Custom metal devicesOnce you order and wear one of these you will never go back to the plastic . . . . stuff. Split seams, ring tabs breaking off and difficulty cleaning. I am in a Jailbird without release for my 3rd week. I have used the plastic teeth form the 6000 as an anti-pull out and it works. Spend the cash and do it right! Written by tom on Tue 19 Feb 2013 8:29:33 PM GMT
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Offering the best authentic popular male chastity products



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