Birdlocked v2 Pink!
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Are you feeling "in the pink"? Here are the most popular Birdlocked models available in pink, just for your sissy boy! 

We also have pink Pico and PA models available!  

These are the original version of the product, not the version 2 introduced May 2016.

The device features a triangular ring (not round like the other cages) to fully adapt to the shape of the male scrotum and allow great comfort for long-term wear.

Made from 100% natural Silicone

Tote bag, its plastic rivet, 
clear lock strap, a stainless padlock 15mm (quality) and 2 keys are included!!
Total sheath length (including ring) 3-5/16" (Mini), 3-11/16" (Classic), 4-1/8" (Maxi)
Ring length 1.18" (all models)
Sheath length 2-1/8" (Mini), 2-1/2" (Classic), 2-15/16" (Maxi)
Tube diameter 1-3/16" (Mini), 1-5/16" (Classic), 1-3/8" (Maxi)
Number of air holes 5 (Mini), 7 (Classic and Maxi))
Minimum silicone thickness 0.15 inches (4 mm)
Offering the best authentic popular male chastity products

Offering the best authentic popular male chastity products



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