y-Birdlocked Pico v2
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Based on the original Birdlocked design, the Pico is designed for experienced chastity users. The inside of this silicone chastity cage is lined with rows of silicone peaks which intensify the sensations experienced during wear.

Made of hypoallergenic, medical grade silicone, the Birdlocked Pico is perfect for those who want an intense yet discreet chastity experience. If you're a well-behaved male who is used to chastity,the Birdlocked Pico will take you to the next level of play.

The inside of Pico is lined with 17 soft silicone peaks which brush against the glans during wear. If an erection is obtained, the glans is pressed harder against the peaks, creating a more uncomfortable feel that helps you subside your unwanted half mast back to its former floppy state.
Although the peaks are soft to the touch, you shouldn't underestimate the intensity of their touch. Inexperienced chastity users may find the additional stimulation during wear too much to handle, leaving them begging their keyholder for release. Of course, this is likely to effect even the most chastised submissive, but then that's part of the fun. The titillating stimulation leads to an increase in erections and the intensified sensations during erection can be torturous to your touch-deprived glans.

Almost unbreakable, the Birdlocked cage is incredibly secure but can be cut off with scissors if there is ever an emergency.
Easy to wear and clean, the smooth sheath has seven air holes that make it perfect for extended wear and cleaning without removal.

Choice of colors: Clear, Black, Rose (Pink), Glow (Note: due to limited demand, some colors are not kept in stock, and may be subject to a delay in shipping of up to 10 days, please contact us to check stock unless you are willing to wait.)

Silicone 100% natural
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Total sheath length (including ring) 3.7 inches (95 mm)
Ring length 1.18 inches (30 mm)
Sheath length 2.53 inches (65 mm)
Tube diameter 1.30 inches (33 mm)
Number of air holes 7
Minimum silicone thickness 0.15 inches (4 mm)
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
great device and awesome companyHad originally intended to buy a version 1 used Pico listed on this site. After calling though and staff unable to find it, they immediately offered me a 20% discount on a new v.2 model. Ended up going with a 45mm ring as my original 40mm ring choice was on backorder. personally, i love this device as it constantly reminds me i am locked up for my Goddess....do not take the warning about this being for experienced chastity users lightly as you WILL feel every move you make as the spikes prick and tug at you, reminding you of your situation Written by Wahiya Madd on Fri 24 Mar 2017 3:37:01 PM GMT
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Offering the best authentic popular male chastity products



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