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For those who would like a real serious male chastity device there is now the BON4M and the BON4Msmall.

A special design produced in rust free stainless steel which has been tested and is very secure.
The polished stainless steel chastity cage comes in two different sizes each with 4 different sizes of stainless steel hinged back rings.
The BON4M is designed as a Medium/Large sized chastity device while the BON4small is more a Small/Medium sized chastity device.    COMING SOON:There are also two additional sizes of hinged back rings available:
36mm (1.4″) and 56mm (2.2″) diameter. These can be purchased separately or added to the order..

Overall Assembled Length:
  • Small: 90mm (3.54″)
  • Large: 110mm (4.33″)
Internal cage length:
  • Small: 65mm (2.56″)
  • Large: 85mm (3.35″)
Cage opening diameter: 35mm (1.38″)

The package comes with:
  • The stainless steel chastity cage
  • 4 Different stainless steel back rings: 40mm, 44mm, 48mm, and 52mm (1.57″ 1.73″, 1.89″ and 2.05″)
  • Steel Locking Pin
  • A top quality padlock

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 3 reviews: 5.0
Bon4m smallI bought the bon4m small as my first chastity device and, after using it, it will likely be the only chastity device I'll ever need. I've always been a "grower", and the small cage almost seems like it was custom molded to me. The fit is perfect. The cage appears much larger and is much heavier than i originally expected, but once inside you'll find that it's not actually as large as it first seems. I put it on immediately upon receiving it in the mail, and after fighting my last stubborn erection, successfully got it on and locked. After several minutes of walking around to ensure comfort, i had to unlock it for just a quick minute to adjust myself and prevent discomfort. Once i locked it back up, i have not removed it since. It's very comfortable, conceals nicely under clothes(even athletic shorts), and is pretty easy to keep clean. Another bonus for me, is that because of the perfect fit, my penis lines up perfectly with the opening so i can urinate while standing without any mess. I've only been wearing it for roughly 2 and a half days now, but already i've begun to adjust. Yes, i wake up in the middle of the night with an uncomfortable erection, but that happens with any cage. It quickly passes and i fall right back to sleep. Do yourself a favor, don't go cheap with a plastic device that is likely to break. The bon4m small has helped me fulfill my fantasy and I've come to find that any worries i previously had were unfounded. Overall an amazing device that I'm glad i purchased and am sure to get a lifetime of use out of. Written by Adam on Thu 24 Aug 2017 12:11:45 AM GMT
Favorite So FarThe wife suggested moving from plastic to steel a few months ago after we tried a little enforced chastity. Not wanting to go "all in" for something custom we went with the Bon4M Small. So far, so good.

This is a mass-market commercial device and it shows with some rough edges. Those were easy to fix with a Dremel and a few minutes of time. I fill it most of the time, but "shrinkage" leaves about half an inch of headroom. I think I am going to cut down the cage to eliminate that space entirely, forcing a tighter fit for my cock (I got the technology...).

The multiple ring sizes are great. I started with the largest and after two weeks of mostly-on chastity found myself in the second smallest. Never would have thought that. Went off-chastity for a few weeks and had to later start again with the second largest, before things adjusted enough to require the smaller one again. Options are nice.

It is comfortable once "tuned". I can do heavy work and I even went snowboarding (black diamond runs) and barely noticed it was there. Tight pants are an issue, and at home I am now mostly in underwear while I work. I also sleep naked and exposed most times. It hides under clothes, so long as they are not too tight.

It is secure for me. I am high and tight, which is supposedly hard to secure. I have tried getting this off, and so far no luck. It feels good, unless the ring is the wrong size. Then I adjust.

As for lifestyle changes, my wife understood the "no sex without her" part of the device but is also starting to understand that the real power curve comes from denying the basic erection. She didn't realize that I have 10-15 erections a day even without sexual stimulus. Controlling orgasm is maybe once a day (but more like 3-4 times a week), but controlling erections means I am under constant management. She now understands that chastity means constant control, even when we are not "playing". Also, she found benefit in denying me masturbation - now the only way I orgasm is with her, which means more action for her.

I have worn this for 5-6 days max before release, but then get locked up again after. The wife loves my cock, but she likes keeping it locked due to all the extra attention she gets when it is on. She loves sex - every day is about right for her. I am generally locked weeks at a time and released every few days when she wants to get on all fours and be fucked wild.

That said, I am being denied more now, to the point she is actively telling me it will be "at least a few more days" before I come. She always loved oral sex, but is starting to use a dildo with my tongue instead of turning straight to my penis. That means I am being released less often now.

Chastity is somewhat new to us, but now that we have started to get the hang of it she is talking about a 3-5 week lockup with zero release, as a "training period" (she read about it online). I did not expect that when we started (because she loves intercourse so much), but if she wants it...

I think the training period os for the both of us. Rather than have plain sex, chastity is forcing us to be creative. She no longer keeps the key with her, so sometimes it's just easier to have me get her off some other way. Likewise, I have always liked anal stimulation but lately she is releasing my prostate fluid with her hand more often. I stay locked up the whole time.

The Bon4M is teaching her to be a real tease. She is learning to love me locked up. Chastity was my idea (for a little extra fun), but is fast becoming a constant thing. In other words, she expects me to be locked up now.

At first she felt guilty not letting me go during playtime (we work at home together), but now has no qualms about asking me to go down on her with the expectation that I stay locked. Insomnia? I go down on her and she rolls over to sleep. Stressed? I finger-bang her and suck her nipples and she goes back to work.
I learned a long time ago to let a girl come first during sex, and lately even when she craves cock she stops right after her orgasm and has me lock up before I ejaculate..
As of now, we are at the point where we assume I won't be getting off when she comes. As much as she loves cock, we only get a few days before the key comes out. But the last two times we have had sex, I did not orgasm before her. She came, and back in I went (I have pretty good orgasm control). She is planning a longer-term lockup, and I am not sure how that will go (for either of us).

Anyway, sorry for the long review. So far we are liking chastity, even if it frustrates us both at times.

LUL shipped this quickly and with no issue. Thank you. The Bon4M might not be a pricey custom device, but it is good for almost constant wear once you tweak it a little. For the price, it cannot be beat. Five stars.
Written by Recent Purchaser on Tue 3 Feb 2015 4:39:13 PM GMT
Bon-4M smallI've had just about every chastity device available over the past 20 yerars including ball trap devices (like this one), belts, and penis tubes (I got a PA piercing just for chastity purposes). For several years, I settled in with the PA-5000 by A.L. enterprises, but had to replace them every 6 months or so because they either split open, or the lock seized.
While I think A.L.Enterpeises makes a great device for most users who are not 24/7/365 wearers, I need something heavier duty, so to speak.
The Bon-4M device is just that. It's built rock solid with thick and heavy stainless steel. You will certainly know that you are being held in a very secure device when you put this one on. And I'm pleased to say that this little device will outlast all the others without doubt. The hinged ring is very comfortable with no pinching as experienced with other hinge type rings. I'm very pleased with this device.
Before I finish, let me comment on the service from LUL. You guys rock! In. World where customer service is lacking, you exceeded my expectations all the way from the initial order to the speedy delivery to my doorstep. Thank you! I hope this review helps in making your decision an easy one. Enjoy...
Written by Chris C on Thu 15 May 2014 12:54:40 AM GMT
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