z-Birdlocked Classic
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This innovative male chastity device is as easy to put on as a cock ring! The Birdlocked device is made of flexible silicone for the ultimate in comfort. While it is easy to put on, its security is not at all compromised. The material is water resistant and unbreakable, and features a unique locking mechanism that keeps the penis from leaving the sheath. Seven air holes ensure that everything remains hygienic even when worn for extended periods of time. The Birdlocked device is discreet enough to be worn under clothing, and can be cut with scissors if necessary for emergency removal.
Choice of colors: Clear, Black, Rose (Pink), Glow

Made from 100% natural Silicone

Supplied with tote bag, its plastic rivet, clear lock strap, a stainless padlock 15mm (quality) and 2 keys

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Total sheath length (including ring) 3.7 inches (95 mm)
Ring length 1.18 inches (30 mm)
Sheath length 2.53 inches (65 mm)
Tube diameter 1.30 inches (33 mm)
Number of air holes 7
Minimum silicone thickness 0.15 inches (4 mm)
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 3.0
my first chastity deviceAs the title states, I'm new to the world of chastity and despite reading all I could, I'm disappointed to say that the birdlocked classic is not the right device for me. But I don't think that I could have known which one was right without trying one out that you think is right. I wanted the soft silicone material for comfort and the pink color was a bonus. When I got the device (50mm ring) though, I was dismayed at it's size. It seemed way too big and I debated cutting open the package and trying it, but I had followed the measurement guidelines and being new to this sort of thing, I went ahead and gave it a try, because I really didn't have any clues and I was anxious to finally start curbing a chronic masturbation habit and get control of my sexuality back so my partner and I can get on with our love life again. I suggested chastity and she hastily agreed and is a very amicable keyholder :)... I mentioned the device seemed big, but it took some difficulty to get on. Indeed I became excited and had to go through the motions to relieve the excitement but even after that the device was still difficult to get on. When I did get it on, the lack of sensation and feeling in my penis was palpable. The device is comfortable, but it is bulky and further the ring is wide which serves to seperate my penis and testes a good 1 3/4 inches from my body, which does not bode well when trying to hide it in your pants to go to the office. I have to wear a non tuckable shirt or there is no way I could hide this big ass bulge. Further I wear women's clothes when I'm not at the office and there is no way I can wear anything tight, shorts, or jeans and only a few of my panties will actually encase and hold it. Another drawback - for me at least - to the flesh of my genatilia being pulled out away from my body is that it bascially renders my prostate directly on the surface I sit so that when I do sit, it pushes on the prostate and seminal vesicles and I express semen, which was a very surprising sensation not altogether unpleasant. The problem though is that the semen coats the inside of the device and by early afternoon i'm starting to smell like a dirty toilet down there and I find it very difficult to clean without removing the device. The device is snug, and comfortable over night and the feeling of knowing I will not be a slave to my penis this day is very comforting and liberating, but then I wore a dress and without underwear to hold it up and I was sitting at a chair typing on the computer. My sheathed penis was dangling over the edge of the chair when I suddenly felt a slip. I looked and one of my testes had slipped out! I tried for a half hour to stuff it back through but only incurred frustration and pain and finally just pulled the whole thing off and proceeded to cave into the urges that I am trying to quell. When my partner came home she unlocked it and I put it back on and this time I observed the fit more closely. As previously stated, it was difficult to get on and I seemed to fill the dimensions of the sheath, but after some time my penis becomes very desensitized (wonderful) and desire is the furthest thing from my mind, unless i'm with my partner, and the result is that I shrink to a very small dimension. When I got to this point I observed the fit and I was indeed too small for this device. There was much space in the sheath and as a result there is less to hold the device up and my testes do not supply enough size to hold it in place and one will eventually slip out, so I have to wear tight underpants or I will not be in chastity. So, now that I know much more than I ever did about chastity devices, I can say that this device is not the best fit (pun intended) for me. From the large dimensions and bulk and smell due to expressing semen, the device has not been all that I hope it would be. However, I'm wearing it now and I won't masturbate this day as long as I keep my big girl panties pulled way up. Thanks for listening Written by Misha Auer on Mon 29 Apr 2013 3:06:52 PM GMT
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Offering the best authentic popular male chastity products



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