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The CB6000 Male Chastity Device was first introduced in June 2007 and has been the most widely accepted standard model in the world! The revolutionary design offers the utmost in comfort, security and discretion that earlier popular models.

The unique 3-part ring design places guide pins pointing away from the body for attachment of the cage, unlike earlier models, and consequently more comfortable. The oval-shaped lock pin slides easily through the upper two parts of the ring assembly and into the cage portion. The oval shape of the lock pin has the effect of keeping the lock from twisting uncomfortably as it had in earlier models. The ring design is universally compatible with all current variations of the product line, however is not compatible with past hinged and solid-ring models.

The package comes with five different ring sizes (1.5" to 2.0") and four different sized lock pins with spacers to help ensure a comfortable fit. For first-time wearers of male chastity, this model is highly recommended for that reason.

With the tremendous popularity of the CB-6000 after introduction, the company later introduced the designer models of the CB6000 (woody, camoflage, and chrome), the CB-6000-S (shorter tube), and reintroduced the CB-3000 and Curve models to be compatible with the current ring design.

These products are made from light-weight, medical grade polycarbonate materials by using injection moldings to ensure that there are no irritating imperfections. The cage portion has vented slots for hygiene and has a bottom opening allowing for urination.

The popularity of this model and its packaging have been shamelessly copied by the Chinese and is available for a fraction of the price. However, most reports of these products are that they are of very poor quality, break easily, and are not warranted by the manufacturer. Regardless of the potential savings, you truly get what you pay for. A.L. Enterprises is the manufacturer of the authentic product and backs all parts with a one-year warranty. In our experience, there has never been an issue with replacement. Our FAQ page includes a description of the known differences between the authentic product and the Chinese knock-offs. Buy with confidence! We are among a select few authorized distributors of this product.

Features Benefits
One cage portion Slim design for discretion
Five varying sized cuff rings (1 1/2" to 2" diameter) To help the wearer find the most comfortable fit
Four varying sized locking pins and spacers To help the wearer find the most comfortable fit
Lock and two keys by Master (only one key on designer models) No escape unless the keyholder says so!
Set of five individually numbered disposable plastic locks For undetected passage through metal detectors
An embossed CB-6000 zipper pouch Convenient for travel, suitable as gift
Offering the best authentic popular male chastity products

Offering the best authentic popular male chastity products



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