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Many first-timers have approached us for advice with the Holy Trainer, particularly around sizing. For this reason primarily, we generally recommend a CB-X model as a first device, because with the multiple rings and spacers, it is much easier to find the right fit. Once the right fit has been determined on a CB-X model, it is much easier to determine the ring and tube size that would be the best fit.

With that in mind, we are offering the following:

Buy a Holy Trainer V3 and a CB-X product together (normally $324.90), and save $50! That's $274.90 for two world class male chastity products ($284.90 for CB Designer models)

But there's more!

We will ship you the CB-X product of your choice, try it out for up to a month. At any point within that time, you can decide to:
  • Love the CB! Don't need the Holy Trainer! Let us know and we'll refund half of your purchase price. (You net a $10 saving on the CB-X package)
  • Like the CB, still want the Holy Trainer! Let us know which size tube you prefer (HT small is comparable to CB6000-S), what ring size and spacing that you found most comfortable on the CB, and what color, and we will send you the Holy Trainer that should fit you best. FYI, it's good practice to have two devices to alternate to maximize continuous wear.
  • Don't like the CB and don't want it; still want the Holy Trainer. Same as the above regarding the Holy Trainer, but you can return the CB to us for a $50 credit. Cost of return shipping is your responsibility.
  • Don't like the CB, decided against using Holy Trainer.  For whatever reason, it you decide to return the CB package once opened, we would refund your complete purchase (excluding shipping), aside from $75 ($80 if CB Designer
    model purchased). Cost of return shipping is your responsibility.

Shipping of the CB model will be done by USPS Priority. Shipping of the Holy Trainer will be free via USPS First Class. Expedited shipping of either item can be arranged for an additional fee.

Select your CB model here and enter discount code HTCB to receive the $50 discount!
Offering the best authentic popular male chastity products

Offering the best authentic popular male chastity products



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