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The HolyTrainer is made of a 100% natural biosourced resin. This material is being used more and more in very diverse areas such as aviation or electronics. Biosourced resin replaces traditional petroleum-based resins.

The ring shape is perfectly suited to the anatomy of most men. Because it slightly curves outwardly, there is less stress on the testicles if an erection should occur (compared to other male chastity devices).

The new Holy Trainer locking system (called "Magic Locker") enables the closing of the device without a padlock. It slides through the ring & tube to hold them together. 

The sheath includes 3 ventilation holes for comfort and hygiene.

For assistance selecting the proper ring and tube size CLICK HERE.

The package includes a tube, ring, and the Magic Locker in an attractive carry bag.

Notice specific to transparent tubes: The earlier versions of the clear tube had a property that allowed it to soften at body temperature. In August 2014, that property was eliminated, and all versions now will stay firm at normal body temperatures. Holy Trainer version 2 parts do not become flexible until heated to about 170F.

Final notes

The manufacturer boasts that the product that is nearly indestructible. You can use the device during sports, sleep on your stomach or be attached to something. It will withstand all your desires while remaining firmly in place. Bio-resin will absorb any shocks without breaking and won’t cause injuries to the skin.

The product is warranted for one year from date of purchase.

Sorry, the product has been discontinued.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Worth every pennyI keep forgetting I'm locked up, it's so comfortable to wear all day. Wouldn't want to do 24/7 chastity in anything else. After initally starting with a knockoff version of this piece, I'm glad I decided to upgrade. I like that I can sleep on my stomach AND side without any discomfort. It's also invisible under clothes, even basketball shorts which I wear all the time. Plus I have the Guardian which helps keep everything lined up in the tube so there's no mess when I'm urinating. The integrated locking mechanism is in my opinion far superior to the padlock style. Lastly, I just think it LOOKS good. It is supposedly indestructible according to the manufacturer but if something ever did happen to it I would buy another in a heartbeat. Written by Steve M on Tue 8 Aug 2017 11:43:03 PM GMT
Comfortable Enough to Wear ForeverFirst, great service from LUL. I ordered the HT and had it in my hands two days later and this was over the Christmas holiday. I previously had a CB-6000, which I couldn't stand. It pinched, it chafed badly, it was almost impossible to sleep in, and it was really hard to urinate out of without spraying urine all over the place. I couldn't imagine wearing it for anything beyond occasional chastity play. I've now been wearing the HT (small) with a 45 ring constantly for three days now and absolutely love it. It was relatively comfortable on day 1 and has grown much more so over time. A couple of tricks I have learned - I use Nivea cream around the ring to prevent chafing. I had previously used baby oil, but read concerns online about mineral oil contributing to the growth of bacteria. I've also taken to wearing briefs with a nice pouch (Obviously or John Sievers) in them to both support my balls and prevent chafing as my balls do stick out some because of the limited space between the ring and the tube. Urinating is not a problem - the slit is in the right place and the tube is not too long. Finally, I can sleep in the HT on my back, on my side, and on my stomach without difficult. In all, a really great experience with LUL and with this product. Written by RobNC2001 on Fri 30 Dec 2016 5:08:39 PM GMT
Secure, comfortable, chastity blissThe first chastity cage I ever purchased was a CB-6000S, and while it did the job, it had it's flaws. Pinching of the skin while putting it on, snagged pubic hairs while wearing it, broken rings, a split tube, the clackity clack of the lock while walking, and painful nighttime erections, just to name them all. So far the Holy Trainer v2 has been a dream to wear. No pinching of the skin while putting it on, nice smooth rounded edges on the ring, silent lock, no snagged hairs, and tolerable nighttime erections. I purchased a "guardian" for the Holy Trainer also, and it's very comfortable as well. About the only time I know it's there, is when I get an erection. I can feel it's fingers digging into my penis which is slightly uncomfortable, but not painful by any means. Written by Jeff on Thu 8 Sep 2016 7:22:03 PM GMT
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Offering the best authentic popular male chastity products



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