z-PA-5000 Special
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The PA-5000™ requires a Prince Albert piercing and is designed for the man desiring escape-proof male chastity. It is 2 3/4" in length and is available in three diameters: 1”, 1 1/8”, 1 1/4”.
Package includes:
• One cage with built in cam lock;
• Nine hooks – Three gauges (4, 6 & 8 gauge hooks) – 3 hook radiuses each gauge;
• An extender to make the cage portion longer if needed;
• A leather strap to help guide the penis through the cage portion;
• Two keys
• Handy black zippered carrying case
The cage includes a built in cam lock that makes the PA-5000 comfortable and discreet. It looks like body jewelry and acts as a chastity device. The PA-5000 offers absolute comfort and absolute chastity. An included extension ring and three gauges of hooks (4, 6 & 8) allow you to customize your fit. Each gauge has three hook radiuses for a total of 9 hooks included in each package. The PA-5000 gives the Keyholder control over the sexual fulfillment of both partners.
Measuring for Size:
While in a relaxed state, hold the penis as far away from the body as possible. Measure the diameter of the shaft. Example: If the shaft measures 1” in diameter, order a 1 1/8” PA-5000. You should allow 1/8” clearance for hygiene purposes.
Offering the best authentic popular male chastity products

Offering the best authentic popular male chastity products



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