z-Strict Gate Male Chastity - Special
Strict Gate in BlackLumino ring glows in the dark!Pico - add a little spice!Stricto - make it tighter!Standard ring included in package
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This is a great concept, combining the solid (yet thin) ergonomically designed ring with a flexible silicon tube. They have taken the best of the Holy Trainer and Birdlocked and combined them into a light-weight and durable unit!
4 pledge rings are available to explore chastity under different aspects. The pledge ring has to be inserted in the tube. The package includes the STANDARD pledge ring. You can add the Lumino to be seen in the dark, the Pico for punishment & the Stricto for a tight fit. 

The Strict Gate set includes :
- 1 bio resin rigid ring – 3 sizes to choose of
- 1 medical silicone soft tube
- 1 standard pledge ring - 2 keys with a rustproof lock
By putting another pledge ring in your tube you totally change the product vibe. Despite all the technical innovations, StrictGate is still sold the same price as competing models. Thanks to its 4 different pledge rings, discover how to change the atmosphere in your couple.
Material The tube is made of medical grade silicone The ring and pledge ring are made of bio resin
Available ring sizes Diameter 40, 45 & 50 mm - 1.55, 1.75 & 1.95 inch
Tube length (measured from bottom) Lower part 46 mm - 1.8 inch, total length 80 mm - 3.15 inch
Air vents (in tube) 3
Overall weight (including lock) 64g - 2.25 oz
Offering the best authentic popular male chastity products

Offering the best authentic popular male chastity products



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