y-Wand Essentials 7-Speed Massager
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An effective massager stimulates all of your erogenous zones. You can place it against your nipples, clit, labia, anyplace you wish and enjoy hot vibrating sensations. The Wand Essentials 7-Speed Wand Massager is designed specifically to give you intense pleasure.

This Wand Massager has a comfortable head that allows you to focus more on your pleasure. The flexible neck and quiet powerful motor ensures that the massager will do what you desire for it to do and you'll enjoy being able to place it anywhere on your body.

To change speeds, simply turn the dial in the middle of the massager. You have 7 speeds to choose from so go ahead and find your ideal pleasure setting. Enjoy taking your sensations to the next level.

Wand Essentials 7-Speed Wand Massager Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Measures approx. 12.5" in total length and 1.75" in width
  • Plug this vibe into the wall for continuous uninterrupted pleasure
  • Uses a massaging head for maximum comfort
  • Choose from 7 speeds at the simple turn of a dial
  • The flexible neck combined with a quiet and powerful motor ensures intense sensations
  • 3000RPM at slowest speed and 7000RPM at highest speed.
  • Note: This is our North American 110v model. We have a 220v model available for all other regions (see related items below).

    Wand Essentials 7-Speed Massager Accessories:

    Wand Essentials also offers accessories for the 7-Speed Wand that create new sensations. The accessories slip easily over the wand head and use the power of the motor to create new intense pleasures. See related items
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Offering the best authentic popular male chastity products



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