The Vice Male Chastity
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Imagine a chastity device that not only offers true security, but is also comfortable.  Wearing a device that once it’s locked in place, the only form of removal is from your keyholder.  Imagine wearing this device for as long as your keyholder wishes, knowing you cannot escape.

Locked in Lust’s flagship device, The Vice, offers just that. The Vice is a lightweight medical grade polycarbonate device, which uses a proprietary anti-pullout device with the use of carefully selected textures and materials that your skin will form to, effectively making the device more secure the longer you wear it.  The skin forming to the textures causes no permanent damage, but makes pulling out of the device nearly impossible.

This is a very light device with hinged rings and an innovative anti-pullout device that wraps around the tube and protrudes into the tube to make it nearly impossible for most men to withdraw from. There are three different sized anti-pullouts to help most any man find the most comfortable and secure fit.

To see the assembly and disassembly of The Vice, click here.

See also the new Mini and Plus models for different sized tubes.
Package comes with:
1 Padlock with 2 Keys
4 different size Spacers & Locking Pins
4 Hinged Rings (40mm, 44mm, 46.5mm, and 48.5mm)
3 Anti-Pullouts
1 Locking Pin Cap (For us without anti-pullout)
1 Velvet Carrying Case

Now available in white and pink, in addition to purple, chrome, and clear
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 4.5
Love it under a thick diaperBy far effective and reliable in my experience with all of them cb series of the chastity devices Written by Sissy slave Cassie on Fri 13 Oct 2017 1:20:30 PM GMT
Very impressiveI'm very impressed with this device after a few days of use. I've used the CB series, Holy Trainer V2 and a Chinese metal CB style and this is the first device in which I have not been able to slip out of easily or have an orgasm in at all.

Once assembled correctly, the device resembles the CB series in both look and feel and is quite rigid and solid. It eliminates a few of the security problems of the CB series though. The plastic locking pin is never exposed and is always wrapped in a layer of solid plastic, so no twisting the lock for an easy escape when desperate. Also, the top of the device near the base of the shaft is blocked by plastic ridges in the spacer, so no reaching in with a few fingers to try to pry yourself out. The lock is held in place so tightly it doesn't bounce around as you walk and make clicking sounds.

The Vice portion of the design is absolutely brilliant. It maintains contact, on a diagonal with about 80% of the shaft and is able to hold you in place while not even requiring all that much pressure to do so. The anti-pullout on the HTv2 always left me bleeding and raw on the top of my shaft and I was never able to have long sessions while using it. This is far more gentle and yet much more effective.

I haven't been able to achieve any sort of success at orgasm by grinding the cage or manipulating the device. Erections are difficult to get in this device and they are not all that pleasant either due to the Vice strangling and subduing things. I expect longer sessions in this device to be deliciously frustrating.

The only problem I have found is that the hinged rings and hinged anti pullout portions of the device can come apart quite easily because the metal locking pin at the pivot is not held in place very well (or at all). I applied a few wraps of electrical tape at the hinge of those pieces to hold them together (and also to fine-tune the sizing of my favorite ring).

My favorite device so far at a really good price.
Written by Peter on Fri 7 Apr 2017 11:28:05 AM GMT
Offering the best authentic popular male chastity products

Offering the best authentic popular male chastity products



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