The Vice Male Chastity Plus
The Vice - Plus comparison to standard sizeThe Vice Plus - front viewThe Vice - assembled Top ViewThe Vice - anti-pulloutThe Vice - tube side viewThe Vice - spacer example
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Imagine a chastity device that not only offers true security, but is also comfortable.  Wearing a device that once it’s locked in place, the only form of removal is from your keyholder.  Imagine wearing this device for as long as your keyholder wishes, knowing you cannot escape.

Locked in Lust’s flagship device, The Vice, offers just that. The Vice is a lightweight medical grade polycarbonate device, which uses a proprietary anti-pullout device with the use of carefully selected textures and materials that your skin will form to, effectively making the device more secure the longer you wear it.  The skin forming to the textures causes no permanent damage, but makes pulling out of the device nearly impossible.

This is a very light device with hinged rings and an innovative anti-pullout device that wraps around the tube and protrudes into the tube to make it nearly impossible for most men to withdraw from. There are three different sized anti-pullouts to help most any man find the most comfortable and secure fit.

To see the assembly and disassembly of The Vice, click here.

As of product release, the cage size is 90mm in length, 36mm wide, and available in clear only.
Package comes with:
1 Padlock with 2 Keys
4 different size Spacers & Locking Pins
4 Hinged Rings (40mm, 44mm, 46.5mm, and 48.5mm)
3 Anti-Pullouts
1 Locking Pin Cap (For us without anti-pullout)
1 Velvet Carrying Case
Offering the best authentic popular male chastity products

Offering the best authentic popular male chastity products



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