Offering the best authentic popular male chastity products

Offering the best authentic popular male chastity products



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Used items

Used items

Since we do have a return policy, we do tend to have items in stock that we cannot sell as new. We would classify these as demonstrators; lightly used, often returned very shortly after purchase, most often for fitting reasons. We clean them up, sanitize them per manufacturer instruction and make them available to people who wish to purchase them at great savings. Originally manufacturers warranty applies. These items can be returned for full refund (not including the shipping) within 30 days, or credit toward the purchase of another item. 

We normally handle these transactions by PayPal invoice, or credit card by phone. Note: credit card by phone is only available to the USA. PayPal is required outside of the USA. Please do not send credit card information via email. Shipping costs are the same as elsewhere in our store: within the USA, USPS first class is $4.00, Priority is $8.00, and Express is $33. UPS Ground is $20. Please contact us for quote if other method is preferred.

As of August 21, 2019 we have the following items on hand. 

ManCage 01 (new in box) - $40
ManCage 02 (open box) - $30

For ManCage items, see our review here:

Holy Trainers:

Version 3 Standard, 40mm Black - $115
Version 3 Standard, 45mm Clear - $115
Version 3 Standard, 45mm Pink - $115
Version 3 Small 50mm clear - $115

Ring Clear 40mm (v3) - $30
Ring Purple 40mm (v3) - $30
Ring Black 50mm (v3) - $30
Ring Clear 55mm (v3) - $30

Ring Clear 50mm (v2) - $25

Version 1 Tube in pink (unused, was manufacturer prototype) - $10

Silicon models:

Birdlocked V2 Mini 45mm Clear - $55
Birdlocked V2 Maxi 50mm Clear - $55
Birdlocked V2 Neo clear - $70

Strict Gate 40mm Clear $45
Strict Gate 50mm Clear $45

Metal items:

The Vice Items:

Vice Standard clear package - $80
Vice standard tube, clear - $30

CB-X Items:

#1 Ring (2.0") clear - $10
#2 Ring (1-7/8") clear - $10
CB-3000 clear tube - $40

For to check for availability or for further information, please contact us at



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